Chris McKinney

Seattle, WA

Right now millions of people are conversing all over the world on Social Media. Your potential customers, industry leaders and your peers are having conversations right now. You need to be a part of those conversations if you’re going to go to the next level in your business.

It is no longer “good-enough” to have a website. You must have an engaged community on Social Media. Its more than just creating an account. You must have a strategy to build a community. Social Media and technology is changing at an alarming rate. Do you have the time to learn everything you need to know?

We help you become an influential piece in those conversations. We do this by developing a strategy and executing that strategy providing maximum results for your business.

Chris McKinney has the skills and talent to make your Social Media yield the results you’re looking for. Chris has built engaged communities of people that are interested in the services the client has to offer. We not only have the talent, we’ve built our own tools to give our clients the best possible advantage. Isn’t it time your business took advantage of Social Media?