Chris Rhyss Edwards

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Chris spent the 1990’s in uniform as a Combat Engineer in the Australian Army before transitioning out of uniform into civi street to spend 15yrs in the digital sector.

He studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation through the University of Adelaide, holds a Master’s in Creative Writing from Queensland University of Technology, is a Postgraduate Human Rights candidate at Curtin University by night and is the Content & Program Director for the iMedia and ad:tech conferences across APAC by day.

After reading the UNODC Global Study on Homicide, Chris took a yearlong sabbatical from corporate life to begin a research project designed to answer a REALLY BIG QUESTION: do we ever have a good reason to kill?

Over a five year timespan he investigated controversial topics including domestic homicide, euthanasia, abortion, child soldiers, infanticide, execution, terrorism and honor killings to understand why we kill.

He's a self-confessed running nut, amateur raconteur and emerging writer, and has been published across, SMH, The Good Men Project and Zouch Magazine. In his spare time Chris works on novel #2, paints pop art, drinks copious amounts of coffee and runs the occasional marathon.

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