Christian Chung

Clearwater, FL

I've always loved to write. I found later that I also love to write code. When code gets busy with the written word, powerful experiences are born.

This is the reason I love working with WordPress@liftux, and why I hope to continue to use it as a foundation for a fulfilling career. I'm going to continue to help people and businesses create a digital home for what they care about most. I'm going to help them create experiences, bring virtual life to their digital content, and enrich the lives of others. I'm excited about it. You should be too.

For anyone interested in what I find interesting, here's a brief summary. I am an avid geo-cacher, because the treasure hunt should always be more about the hunt than the treasure. I also bring snacks to wild turtles, play video games when it rains, and consider my culinary abilities to be above average.