Christian Terry, PCM

Digital Marketing Leader, Marketing Consultant, and Entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois

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Christian Terry is a U.S. citizen with global marketing experience, who has held leadership roles in EMEA and the United States. He holds the 'Professional Certified Marketer in Marketing Management' certification accredited by the American Marketing Association. Christian is a forward-thinking growth marketing executive with significant experience in the direction of strategic marketing initiatives to meet both B2B / B2C and SaaS business objectives. He has expertise with global technology, software, media and manufacturing companies in driving revenue, brand value and market growth. Christian's leadership skills and capability in all facets of marketing have helped his employers to stand out and succeed in competitive markets.

Christian is a results-orientated and people-focused digital marketing leader with a demonstrated history of scaling businesses, developing sustainable integrated marketing campaigns and managing customer acquisition programs that have increased revenue and engagement. He is a German native speaker and strategic operator who thrives on building high performance teams as well as delivering growth strategies that drive ROI and measurable business results.

As an independent Marketing Consultant, Christian gets hired to provide solutions that deliver growth for your business. He and his team begin with insightful analytics to form a plan across all targeted platforms and cultivate your business' brand to its full potential - optimized sales, revenue growth, increased brand awareness and website traffic.

As an advisor and change agent, Christian seeks to give tangible support to visionary professionals. He shares a leadership perspective built on a strong work ethic and the ability to learn from others. Christian has successfully accelerated businesses for growth, guided multiple teams through acquisitions, reorganizations and restructuring. As a dynamic and charismatic speaker, Christian’s speaking pedigree includes bilingual keynote speeches for clients across the USA and Europe. He is open to network with entrepreneurs and professionals to discuss new opportunities.