Christian Weyer

CEO, Principal Consultant, and Microsoft Regional Director in Neustadt am Main, Germany

Christian Weyer

CEO, Principal Consultant, and Microsoft Regional Director in Neustadt am Main, Germany

Hello, I am Christian Weyer from Germany.

As one of two founders, CEOs, and Principal Consultants at my company, Thinktecture AG, I am a passionate technologist who loves to help customers solve their problems and realize their vision for their next-generation software solutions. On any platform.

In my daily business, I am dealing with various - if not all - aspects of cross-platform architecture and technologies. This includes the obvious client-side with applications being able to run on any operating system and on any physical device - but also involves the server-side of things and any end-to-end aspects to consider when building modern real cross-platform solutions.
Every cross-platform system needs a backend: APIs, databases, and more. Therefore, cloud-native environments running in Azure and on-prem are the driver for most of the solutions we build together with our customers.

There is hardly anything better than passing on your experience to others - whether to customers in workshops, to developers at user groups or conferences, or to kids in Hour of Code sessions.

I am a professional speaker, educator, and mentor since 1996 and have given countless presentations on software architecture, server & client technologies, and cross-platform systems.

The events I speak at span from technical conferences by Microsoft, Google et. al. on to executive-style events in various verticals with a CxO audience.

For being active in the worldwide software architects & developers community I have been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2002 and as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) since 2015.

I am Microsoft Regional Director for Germany since 2003.

My passion is to build software solutions that can run anywhere.

Without borders.

Talk to me about:
Cross-Platform, Web Technologies, JavaScript, TypeScript, Single Page Applications (SPA), Angular, Cordova, Electron, Ionic, .NET, C#, Web APIs, Push Services, Lightweight Architectures, Cloud-Native, Serverless, Azure.

  • Work
    • Thinktecture AG
  • Education
    • Technische Universität Darmstadt