Christine Huwer (Gute-Laune-Bilder-Huwer)

Artist, I am the Tuscany Paintress, and Hobby Photographer in Deutschland

Christine Huwer (Gute-Laune-Bilder-Huwer)

Artist, I am the Tuscany Paintress, and Hobby Photographer in Deutschland

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I am a German artist and photographer known for my paintings & photos mainly of landscapes & still lifes. I prefer acrylics and watercolors and mediterranean as well as Christmas motifs.
My specialities are Tuscany paintings (I am the „The Tuscany Paintress“), mini paintings, triplets and collages with wooden applications, watercolors often on canvas and lately Christmas ornaments.
I show my artwork in my own studio, take part in craft markets or have my own exhibitions.
My paintings can be found in collections in Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Malta, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Canada and in the USA.
I call my paintings/photos 'Gute-Laune-Bilder-Huwer', which means 'Good-Mood-Images-Huwer', as always I'm in a good mood when I'm painting or take photos and I hope that you will feel the same when you look at my paintings and photos.

If you are interested in ORIGINALS then please CONTACT ME! [email protected] or check out on ETSY:

One of my mottos is: art should be affordable! So my minis are from 10 Euro on (plus postage).

If you are interested in PRINTS or other art products of my images then view and order them with the help of the red button above/ my portfolio.

Meine DEUTSCHE Biographie (and my English biography) FACEBOOK FANPAGE unter "Infos":

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Additional platforms where you can ORDER PRINTS of my art: prints on canvas, Alu Dibond, Forex, wood, glass, as a poster, on mousepads, for cell phone covers, on calendars, mugs, as wallpapers, table cover, door covers, bags, clocks, pillows, puzzles, shower curtains, duvet covers, rugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts etc.:

Impressum: Christine Huwer, Waldstraße 5, 66894 Bechhofen, 0175/4478733, [email protected]

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