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The passport is routed via email to Portugal. Since Portugal doesn't have a Visa Waiver Program, there are extra requirements to follow, but you can take a passport photo on the internet and Portugal will take them if they haven't been at a photo before.

There is not any need for a photo on the passport. You may still choose your passport picture to Portugal if you don't own one and still get a visa.

It is important to maintain your passport in the envelope you send in it. Keep the return address very clearly marked, so is able to look at it immediately.

If there are little creases or folds from the passport, then those will show up in the process. It can take days to get your passport on its way.

If you're planning to use your passport it's a good idea to be certain the consulate you visit as the embassy may not, has your passport number. When you stumble into Portugal, You'll have to pick up your passport.