Chris Kerth

Overland Park

As a top producer in his industry, Chris is a Senior Business Broker that has the experience and know how to make your business goals a reality. Chris has built his prominent business achievements in the business industry over the past 25 years. He has built, purchased, sold several companies during this time with success in every transaction. Before getting into the brokerage industry he sold these businesses with and without the assistance of a broker and understands firsthand the benefits of a broker.

In Western Kansas Chris’s family owned and successfully operated a small business for four generations. You could say that he was born into the business world. Giving him the opportunity to become a lifelong entrepreneur, committed to success. Growing up in this environment led Chris to pursue business endeavors at an early age and after years of success he made the choice to become a broker to help others achieve their pursuits.

At the age of 26 Chris opened the doors of his first Subway franchise. The year was 1987, by 1997 he was up to ten locations and made the decision to sell so he could conquer the commercial real estate market. Throughout his years Chris has also owned construction, retail and even fitness businesses within the Kansas City area before becoming a business broker.

By teaming with Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, Chris is able to leverage his knowledge, expertise and natural business intuition for the benefit of buyers and sellers. Whether you need capital, consulting or strategic tax advice Chris can help. He holds a real estate license and has been heavily involved with a large, local, full service commercial real estate firm.

When Chris is not spending time as a business broker for his clients, he is giving his time to his family as a devoted father, husband and confidant. You may be able to catch him on the weekend attending a varsity wrestling match or or watching the Kansas City Chief’s and Royals in his man cave.

Being a community leader, Chris leads by example and mentors young people as he was mentored in his youth, spreading the core business values he learned.

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