Clàudia Peris Fonte

Physical Therapist, Dancer, and Student in Barcelona, España

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Degreed in Physiotherapy (2014)

Collegiate member 11069 (CFC)

Assistive Technology Course (Utrecht University 2013)

Working at Hand Therapy BCN since 2015

Curso de Actualización en Terpia de Mano, EU Gimbernat 2015

Co-organizer of Hand Fun Meeting since 2015

Dry needling 2015

Curso de Actualización en Dolor Neuropático, EU Gimbernat 2015

Master de Investigación Translacional en Fisioterapia, EU Gimbernat 2016

Certified Somatosensory Therapist of Pain 2017

Studying and planning new skills! Following dreams and keeping my life interesting!