Clemens Buer Smithan


Like any christian or faithful can see it is given to man to receive once in his life another way of being happy with this his true self. Smetimes this fades into the coulisses, but mainly the startyping way of a chance to renew identity and occupations occured in times of revival like in a renaissance Society and Our Lord ask for the name and that the name of the self can freely been choicy I have often dreamed about.

In art such is experienced in another way than up to customs of civil society. For that reason religion gave the positive change for the older and the younger like Breughel did so, and the mystery around makes a difference information as well between two people...coming to my side as well/ my feelings likes the internet gives many applications for taking up legal new identity happening to me, and my Father in his mystery of calling me to his side explained me things go differently with somebody keeping the name of Clement as to my great pleasure I have been deceiving once again in the try to escape duties of public concern, in faith an love I have suffered Christ's pains for, the anchor of hope living in my heart told me even the Holy keeps His distance,...mister Martin understands and I sometimes still have faithful love for the Barbara concert to join, I would love it to can-speak so "why this and what's the what-for anyway?"...own affairs I feel consigned remind me: I experience an overloaded concern in interest...And to make it all short with you he chose like my family name Buur meaning neighbour, another interpretative symbolizing of one's nearest which is more easy to understand in our days//redaction 05 19: we decided to give a try in web chance like an initiative to peaceful underscore managements in L.A. taking the Taylor Lizzy visits as the name tag, too bad she is friendly now....the friar is no liar and the frenchy is no thief, the fair poster gives me back my rights to confess it's all been Fairbanks doing this, 'till William the Silent of Orange appeaces I don't speak I hope....His High Lord Father gave this angel the task to elicit my love for God//#star Candy King Cleia/ Miles

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