Clint Butler

Small Business Owner and SEO in Olympia, Washington

Clint Butler

Small Business Owner and SEO in Olympia, Washington

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This Is Who I Am:

I love riding motorcycles and horses.

But what I love the most is being able to change someone's life forever because I helped then succeed in their small business. Marketing is hard enough without adding internet marketing to the mix.

Over the last five years, I have been involved with search and social marketing and have learned to blend internet marketing into my business plan. This Is How I Help: I teach lead generation for small business via search engine optimization, social media marketing, and mobile marketing.

Lead generation through search engines, social media, and mobile marketing are almost a requirement these days if you looking to get your business in front of more people.

Sure cold calling still works, but lets face it nobody really loves doing it.

We would all rather call people who are at the very least familiar with who we are and that is where search engine marketing and social media marketing come in.

And the optimal result is having those people call you!! For the last three years, I have ignored my personal marketing and learned the ins and outs of SEO.

From on-page to off-page, I learned it all.

The hard part was figuring out what works in the easiest and fastest way possible without spending tons of money.

This Is How I Help Small Business Owners:

I have partnered with some of the go to marketing professionals to create a system that will allow you to generate leads using digital marketing.

To discover how to get started all you have to do is message me and let me know!

You can contact me on

Skype: clint.a.butler

or call me @ (253) 592-4476

After learning all these methods, I have created a business that currently thrives. You can do it too, and I can help.

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    • Olympia SEO
  • Education
    • North High School Phoenix, AZ
    • American Military University
    • Full Sail Uni