Courtney Littler

New York, Ny

I’m looking for fiction and narrative nonfiction with a distinctive voice. For fiction acquisitions, I'm especially interested in books that experiment with design elements to express an idea or tell an original story. I'm constantly looking for writers who merge traditional storytelling with unique structures; epistolary novels are among my favorite to read. Topics related to the arts, human relationships and sexuality, humor, and travel appeal to me as well.

Regardless of genre, some themes automatically interest me. I'm drawn to stories about women’s rights and experiences, both fiction and nonfiction. An unreliable narrator is always interesting to me, as are taboo or unsettling themes, especially for the Young Adult market. I'm from Arizona and I've lived in London, so I’m drawn to books set in the Southwest or England. And, I have a master's degree in Victorian Gothic literature and am a sucker for a good ghost story—real or imagined!

Have something you're proud of? Send it to me along with the best pun you know.

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