Craig Judd

I'm Craig and I love to photograph special moments. I specialize in portrait, wedding and events photography, amongst other things.

I enjoy capturing unique moments in time on camera - evoking emotion, and the spirit of every individual in the group. I am also an advocate of the finished print, and love hanging work on the wall.

I'm also an assistant to social media guru David Nightingale for Chromasia Training Limited - a Photoshop and Post Production training company, with worldwide creative classroom events offering education in photography, post-production, Photoshop and more. I run ID7 Imaging Limited which hopefully gives you an insight into the kind of images I enjoy personally, and the level of work I like to produce professionally.

Who am I? I'm first and foremost a Dad to 3 lovely kids | a son | a brother | an uncle | a best friend | a listener | a traveler | a self confessed tech geek | a manager of some | a beach-comber | a coffee drinker | a happy to try anything once kinda guy | an optimist | a life mentor to friends and colleagues.

My personal vision is to produce powerful & meaningful imagery. As a visual artist, I focus my personal work on social documentary, street, and portrait photography in Poole, as well as globally on location. My travels have taken me to over 20 countries - the overall friendliness and human spirit of people whom I have met and photographed around the world continue to inspire me with my Poole-based photographic business. My clients say they love most how I bring out the natural moment of anything that I shoot. I can only go by what they say to move me forward and to inspire me.