Curtis Joe Walker

Social Media Manager, Photographer, and tech support in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Photography is the main planet of creative gravity that I orbit around. For the last 5 years, I have been building my business, Photo Bang Bang, as a temple of photography for mself and others to explore creativity in a comfortable environment.

I spend most of my time focusing on the downtown Las Vegas community and integrating myself into it. The pace of change is dizzying, even through this recession. One skill I have honed in this process is getting the last photo, or the first photo of something as it transitions through change.

I am motivated by a desire to create things that are useful and beautiful.

My past photographic work has included Architectural, Editorial, Erotic, Portrait, Wedding, Product, Photojournalism and Trade Show coverage. My work has been seen in Wired, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Las Vegas City Life, Las Vegas Seven, Professional Photographer Magazine, Mashable, Dvice and others.

In addtion to photographic pursuits, I also enjoy acting and comedy. I have worked professionally in both areas in the past.

I love living in Las Vegas because of the opportunities it affords me in terms of cost of living, travel, entertainment, culture and a comfortable limit on governmental regulation.

I am very fascinated with classic cars, and especially the automotive era 1955-1963, but especially the cars from 1959-1962. I am currently working on restoring a 1960 Edsel.

Retro video games provide me with neccessary mental breaks to relieve stress. I play all generations of gaming systems, and enjoy introducing my daughter to the world of gaming, one system at a time. Our latest battleground is Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition on the CoreGrafx 16 bit system.

I am a health conscious individual, a cancer survivor and a medical cannabis proponent.

  • Work
    • Photo Bang Bang
  • Education
    • UNLV - BA Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Social Science Emphasis
    • CSN - AGS
    • AA Liberal Arts
    • AAS Commercial Photography