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Damián A. Esteves

Software Engineer in Dallas, Texas

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Hi there, Internet! I’m Damián Esteves. I’m from Puerto Rico, currently living in Dallas, Texas. I can be described as a husband, a dad to a toy poodle called Bowser, and a gamer. I love technology and computing, so I’m lucky enough to work as a software engineer. Other roles I’ve worked are project management, DevOps, datacenter prod support, sysadmin, and I even freelanced running eSports tournaments for a bit. As far as education goes, I have an MBA in IT Management, a BS in Computer Engineering, and a UX Design cert.

I’m rather passionate about video games. They have enabled a lot of learning and doing in my life, fueling my development in software, electronics, networking, as well as helping me create great friendships.

  • Education
    • BS in Computer Engineering - University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus
    • MBA in Information Systems Management at Strayer University