Lilly Delvaux

Sex Educator in Connecticut

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A great starting point on my blog is my Toybox Page. It highlights all of the educational/investigative pieces I've written, sex toy guides, and of course sex toy reviews.

I've been blogging since June 2008 and have critiqued and owned hundreds of sex toys. Because I know that there are other women out there built like me with similar vibration preferences as me, I write my critiques from that point of view – mine. When you read a sex toy review by me, there is an even mixture of subjective and objective writing. If you feel that we’re alike in our preferences and build, then you’ll be the person to find my reviews the most helpful but I pride myself on reviews that tell the truth. If you are concerned about the quality or design logistics of a sex toy you're considering, I'm your girl. I don't shy away from negative, constructive reviews. They are just as important as positive reviews.

Years ago I noticed that readers were arriving at my site with some very concerning search terms, and so those terms prompted me to do more research. This research has led to many posts revealing the truth of the sex toy industry – truths like “jelly sex toys are dangerous” and “sex toy manufacturers can lie”.

I do consulting for companies in the industry - covering topics from how to work with bloggers, how to improve the design/layout of your site, to advice on what sex toy brands to stock or critiquing your prototype.

I am available to do freelance writing. I specialize in educational pieces about sex toy materials and buying guides, but have a wide range of expertise. I've been published on "Ask Dan & Jennifer",, and Tantus Inc. Contact me to hire me to write for you!

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