Danielle Johnson

Born and raised in Altadena, California (near Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl, among other great west coast noteworthy landmarks and sites). Background in banking and video marketing. Landed on Maui end of 1997, when I found myself ready for a change. And there it was, the "sign" next thing I knew I had a plane ticket in hand, computer and personal items cramped into 2 boxes (back when we weren't charged much for check-in luggage). I was instantly exposed to native Hawaiian flora and fauna, education on native and non-native species, assisting in creation of a non-profit organization, volunteering, camping and just doing a lot of things I would have never dreamed of. Here I am almost 14 years later and worked for a several small businesses until I started a couple of my own; a vacation rental coordination business and handmade jewelry creations.