Daniel Ruuth

Daniel Ruuth

Today it's not about being a flash developer or a js mastermind, it's all about being a creative, solution minded person with an interest and hunger for new technology and trends.

In my book idea and story is king, technology is just a method to get you story and content across. I love getting to a new place, and testing the different paths of getting there, but GETTING THERE is still the most important thing, not HOW I got there.

My focus lies on getting a good story across and identifying and solving any difficulties in the way of getting there.

With that said, this is just some of the strings I have tied to my belt after 10 years of trying out different paths:

Expert in all things flash (as2, as3, frame animations, optimizing, tracking, rapid prototyping, sockets)

Kickass javascript developer. Expert in css2/css3, html4/html5 with a great understanding of validation and standardizing. Deep understanding of UX and user analytic skills.

PHP, mySQL and perl with a small spoon of java and nodejs.
Long experience of maintaining LAMP solutions with intermediate knowledge of light and nginx.

Planning iterations, managing teams.


I am a visual communicator, problem solver, information architect and feel-good junky.