Daniel Buss

Hi, I'm Danny! I enjoy many things in what you call life. I really enjoy fishing and camping. Music is what gets me through those days that you think that your life is over and te whole world is against you. I have 2 little sisters named Cheyenne and Brandy and all though there some of the most annoying children in the world, there family and I love them. I also have two brothers and there both older then me, because if this when they make those big mistakes I just learn from there failures. i am one of the lucky children of the world that have 4 insanely amazing loving parents. Incase you dont see how this is possible the extra two parents are my step parents but i dont like to call them that because I love them just the same as the rest. Something you need to know about me is that i enjoy the art of laughing because its the best medicine and it makes me feel good. I am a seventh grader at Parkview Middle School almost to be 8th grader and I am a football player for the Lions. And obviously i think that Mac Miller has the skillz that killz.