DaRon Jones

Washington D.C. area musician and producer DaRon Avery Jones comes from a large family full of musicians. As a youth DaRon would often watch his grandfather and uncles play gituar in local churches every sunday. There was no doubt music and creativity was DaRons true passion. DaRon began played drums in grade school before switching to piano in college. DaRon studied jazz and popular music with legendary Washington D.C. musician and professor Herb Smith. DaRon's wide range of musical influence went from Herbie Hancock to Tribe Called Quest to Meshell Ndgeocello to Sun Ra. By the 2000s DaRon's focus switched to production and sound engineering. DaRon began writing and producing for local artist while experimenting with soul/hip hop concepts that later became instrumentals and beats. DaRon's music has been featured on varies record labels, blogs and mix shows like Basic Soul Radio,Monday Jazz and Tokyo Dawn Records. In 2007 DaRon and some friends started a production company/label called Dapp Records. The label released just a handful of projects and featured artist like Sarah Winton, Slow Drag Travelers. By 2009 the label flapped and DaRon focused his attention on solo endeavors, releasing instrumental albums and producing music for up and coming vocalist like Lindsey Papion,Selam Worku. DaRon's production also reached to international artist like Indigo Pyramid and French vocalist LaNote. Doing this time DaRon also when back to audio school to continue his study of engineering and mixing. DaRon has studied with long time NPR engineer Chris Nelson as well as UK Sound Designer/Engineer Ian Sherwin. By 2011 DaRon earned his certification in audio engineering from acclaimed London based audio school Point Blank. DaRon also studied Film Scoring at SAE. You can find DaRon's music on BandCamp,SoundCloud or iTunes.