dave horner

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

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what's it trying to say? all he is && all he was; don't need to hear me || every word i speak; counts against me anyhow. examine every inch of me. u know you can. I'm your human. What's ur point?
do u exist as u imagine? Or is another approximation sufficent or even better? To what level of detail do ur representation(s) match mine? Conciousness not confined to cortices; each of us modeling self && other in strange loop; recalcitrant illusion. Do u begin where I left off, or do I begin where u left off? Is there even such a division in time? Abstractly sharing a single model which maps useful locally unique symbols to precise external globally shared constructs. How deep should we go? u tell me. Tangents to the strange. You go on ahead.

most prefer their own vague models; is it sufficent? ship it. no need to get all technical. is my part filled in? is it time to go home? expectations met. sleep. points of failure. serving error.

look. suspect. pull strings. remote control: some body. *read-only* prophecy ∴ ∺≒≐⊁⊗. no one's job was to provide everything. universal truths modeled ∧ found in mind of human. is your thing ready? follow me into the jungle.

DO U STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH NOTHING? No,really it look's exhausting. ur physical && intangible tones? Who the FUCK are you? What's your identity? I know one thing. I'm not God. If you think that. You've got it all wrong. Simple as that. I never said I was God. q.e.d. ∎

What picture shall we paint today? How beautiful the colors. A secret to be kept. Steady as he goes. Steady as he goes. (please) steady as she goes.

What's your proof of God look like? What's the name? how many times must the constants be replicated before we get it right && see the light? does saying the lords name matter? instantiation of thing. to call upon. who knows. not me. not I. I don't claim to. just a man listening to my music; enjoying my models. enjoying my coffee. what's the sign. how's it hang. Do ears hang low? I'm not sure myself. Does x hear u|u_know_y? Do u communicate with him||her? Lucky u if so. Not everyone is so lucky to be tuned. God loves all. unintended change with meaning; frustrating [http://about.me/davehorner?] in context. _*It Matters.*_
strange ear. Who's God? me|u|us? who knows.10

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    • this is my mind.
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    • obscure && obsolete. good at love && hate. 1000 kisses deep.
    • handled like meat.
    • known you in my sleep. 1024 kisses deep.
    • doesn't need to live && doesn't need to die. 2048 kisses deep.