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So, what's your budget for a digital camera? That's one of the first questions a salesman will ask, when they catch you skulking around their shop trying to inconspicuously check out their lineup of digital cameras. It's a hard question for many consumers to answer, when you've never priced digital cameras before. Digital camera pricesvary widely, depending primarily on quality and functionality.

Asking what your want your camera to do for you and how you plan to use it would be a far better question to consider before starting your digital camera search. Since digitals range in price these days from $100 to around $5000, price is really to vague a consideration to think about in the beginning. For the sake of discussion, though we could break digitals down by price category. This should at least give you a baseline to start from.

For under $200 there are some pretty nice digital cameras that would suit the purposes of the average photographer. Someone in this category is looking to have a good camera to take on vacation, to the cousins wedding, and to catch junior blowing out the birthday candles. The Canon PowerShot A570IS is a good choice here. Going for under $150, it comes with some advanced features like face recognition and image stabilization. For $20 or $30 dollars more, you could get the more compact Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Elph. Less image quality, but substantially smaller and portable.