Dr. Robert Dunlap

Dr. Robert Dunlap is a graduate of The Institute for The Advanced Study of Human Sexuality where he did research and his doctoral dissertation on "Aphrodisiacs: Herbals , Botanicals and Supplements." He is a member of The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, The American College of Sexologists and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Dunlap is also a seasoned media expert, with appearances on over 400 commercials, and in print, film and television. His directorial career spans over 45 films including an Emmy Citation and Directors' Fortnight Award at Cannes for his groundbreaking film "Anton". He is the filmmaker of "Beyond Vanilla" and "Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker, Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary."

Dr. Robert brings years of media expertise, training acumen and a keen knowledge of sexology to Sex Coach University. As its Media Director and co-founder he oversees all media development, the media library and trains interns. He is also a clinical sexologist, with specialization in BDSM/kink and fetish populations.