Deborah Schneider

Marketing & Communications Strategist in San Francisco, California

For the past decade, I’ve provided strategic counsel on All Things Communications, successfully led results-oriented strategic communications campaigns, and provided marketing support for startup and grown-up ventures that have typically introduced themselves by saying things like:

- We need to generate visibility and momentum for our new… [app, platform, product, service, initiative, event, leadership].

- We’re not exactly sure how to describe what we're doing, or how best to communicate with our key audiences.

- We need fresh ideas to refine our... [website, messaging, comms strategy, social media, events, marketing, brand-building]

- We need to better position ourselves as thought leaders and go-to experts.

- We need new strategic partners.

- We want to make our technology available to nonprofits and underserved communities, and we need a tech-for-good strategy for rolling that out.

- Our Y Combinator application needs improvement stat.

- We're not entirely sure of what we need in terms of PR/Marketing; can you help?

I'd love to help. If you and your team have been saying (or thinking) something similar, please drop me a line at deborah [dot] schneider [at] gmail [dot] com and let’s talk about your specific needs and how I might assist.

In the meantime, please visit LinkedIn to learn more about me and my work until we talk about you and your work. I look forward to connecting!

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