Dena Alspach

Publisher and CMO in Minneapolis, MN

As a magazine publisher for almost two decades, I was on the front lines as print media and advertising underwent massive upheavals, enthusiastically leveraging technology and creating solutions to drive new revenue strategies. I found my true passion lies deep in the unique challenges and speedy iteration that come along with lean startup cultures and exponential growth. I have a knack for seeing connections, and opportunity, in unexpected places.

As a CMO I exceed at mentorship and guiding teams. I've found that looking at everything from the customer viewpoint quickly eliminates complications and frustrations, and then by ensuring the right tools and processes are in place, revenue growth quickly follows. I'd consider myself naturally stronger on the creative side, but after 20 years in sales and marketing have developed a geeky love of numbers and projecting trends.

At home I've got two great kids, a rescued black lab, the most gorgeous bicycle in the world, and (probably) too many books. I think in the car and relax in my kitchen.

You'll most likely find me dining at the bar.