Deutsch Medical

Medical Equipment in Carrum Downs VIC, Australia 3201

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Address : Unit 1/1 Lieber Grove, Carrum Downs VIC, Australia 3201

Phone No. : 1300 766 854

Deutsch Medical is a Melbourne based Australian company which specializes in making Radiation Personal Protection Equipment(PPE) for the safety of healthcare professionals working in different industries including dental, nuclear, defence, and veterinary industries around Australia. They are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of radiation PPE who provide an educational, honest, and reliable service which allows their customers to make better-informed decisions. They manufacture a comprehensive range of radiation safety glasses, aprons, and other accessories such as gloves, scatter reducing pads and drapes, x-ray accessories and more. With their high-quality material supply from the best suppliers in the medical industry, Deutsch is keen on providing a safe and educative environment to every medical personal.