Deven Wisner

Tucson Arizona United States

As a recent Psychology (BA) graduate, I can't help but appreciate all of the areas you can apply psychological theory (maybe I’m a little biased!). After all, doesn't it make sense that understanding US might help us learn about everything else? In all that there is to learn about US, I am specifically interested in the relationship between individuals and organizations...industrial-organizational psychology. My roles in management have given me hands-on experience with real-life dilemmas and questions; my education in psychology has given me the tools and appreciation for seeking solutions and answers. In my opinion...they marry perfectly. While I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in I/O, I haven't passed up any opportunities to dive into the field beforehand! Some of my current foci are: program assessment, mentoring, leadership, employee selection/EEO factors, and ethical behaviors/decision making. I never turn down an opportunity to discuss what I/O is (it might not be what you think...) or to share what I've learned! If you have similar interests, want to know more about my passions, or think you would want to work together...please contact me!

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    • Global Registration Services
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    • University of Arizona