Andrew Clark

Artist and Student in Michigan

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yo, my name's andrew

im 13

im a boy and i use he/him pronouns

pansexual and taken



true neutral

i have a lot of interests but my main ones right now are hannibal stuff, reservoir dogs, henry: portrait of a serial killer, jekyll and hyde, disturbing movies, gore, werewolves, jay and silent bob, andrew jakson jihad, mindless self indulgence



are lgbt phobic, sexist, racist, ect.

are factkin or support factkin

are clover gender or support glover gender

you know me in irl, unless ur lexy, kc, damien, kodi, gwen, alex, bri, or amy



dont follow

Dewey Riley (scream), Freddy Newkandyke/Mr Orange (reservoir dogs), Milton Mamet (the walking dead), Henry Jekyll (jekyll and hyde media), Jay (view askewniverse), Sam Mcdonald (ginger snaps), Lawrence Gordon (saw), Finnick (zootopia), Rod Putty (moral orel), Brad Majors (rocky horror picture show), Jerry Hickfang (the voices), Paxton (hostel), Nathan Wallace (repo! the genetic opera), Captain Boomerang (dceu), Freddy Krueger (original nightmare on elm street) Ian Mckinley (final destination 3)


ok to follow

Rockruff (pokemon), Rowlet (pokemon), Wolf (otherkin), Werewolf (otherkin), Australian Shepherd (otherkin), Calico cat (otherkin)



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