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David Henderson

Musician, Consultant, and Father in Austin, Texas

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Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Producer, Composer, Artist, Guitarist, and Songwriter.

Obsessed with Family, Technology, Music, Media, Celtics, Sun Rises and all things Captain Kirk ;-)

Startup History:
1995 - DoubleClick - 1st Internet ad network cpm and cpc

1998 - MatchLogic - 1st 3rd party ad serving/ campaign data aggregation platform - Acquired by then @Home

2000 - SmartPoint - Multi-channel (web, email, sms, voice) Alerts platform

2003 - Henderson Consulting - consulted for:

- SeeSaw Networks (digital signage network),

- ROOT Markets (mortgage lead exchange platform),

- Attentionsoft (user controlled databank platform),

- Equifax - Big 3 Database Marketing Firm

2006 - - 1st social ads and apps

2008 - SocialEyes - 1st social CRM platform for Brands

2013 - Jutera Labs/ Perk - loyalty/ gamification

2016 - Device Tone - consulting IoT startups, and the AllSeen Alliance

  • Education
    • Berklee College of Music
    • Boston University