Dhirendra Mishra

Jaipur, Rajasthan

An author, a poet and a dreamer who keep dwelling across the hedge of dull and bright, I have one title under my name, "Story of the Boy in Hat". Another book that I am working on is about Life and How we can make most out of it. The Book Title is " An Unpredictable Journey of Life - Make it BIG".

"I’m a worrier with a tendency to overcomplicate, overanalyze, and overcrazify even the simplest decisions. I see opportunities everywhere, which is fantastic . . . except for when I get paralyzed by possibility! Keeping my life sweet ‘n simple — and keeping my Inner Sparkle alive — is a daily challenge. But oh-so worth it."

I m nt the best, bt not like the rest. . . i m one only of my kind. . .:)

  • Work
    • Ericsson India (P) Ltd.
  • Education
    • Army School,Allahabad,India
    • Army school Jodhpur, INDIA
    • Birla Institute of Technology & Science-Pilani
    • Poornima institute of engineering & technology,jaipur
    • Rajasthan Technical University