Diana Ngaira

Sustainability communications:
- Hosted an Integrated Reporting workshop with the Nairobi Securities Exchange to introduce listed companies to the links between financial and non-financial indicators.
- I support companies, especially in the oil & gas and extractive sector to leverage their environmental, social and governance initiatives to manage long term risk.

Stakeholder relationship management:
- I offer strategic advisory support that involves identifying, prioritizing and engaging with stakeholders across both the public and private sectors who have a direct and indirect influence on the success of an organization’s business operations.

Strategic communications:
- I develop long and short term communication strategies to meet specific organizational objectives. A big part of my role includes managing individuals with varying skills and strengths.

Internal communications:
- I have experience in managing information gathering processes, managing audits, and creating tailored solutions that encourage internal cultures of excellence in business operations.

Media relations:
- My everyday roles involve proactively and reactively engaging with the local, regional and international media in mutual information-share activities.

Content development:
- I have a diverse portfolio that includes business writing, creative non-fiction and well as fictional writing in national and international newspapers, magazines and books. I am experienced in pre-press work including: research, writing, editing, proof reading, as well as multimedia content creation.

  • Education
    • MA International Studies