Dianelee Rivera Sandoz

Student, Volunteer, and Web Developer in Ceiba, Puerto Rico

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My name is Dianelee Rivera Sandoz. I’m currently 18 years old and I reside in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. I believe that if I could only describe myself with one word, it would be “ambitious”. Ever since I was young, I would watch movies and series to later pretend being the main character. Why? Because they all had something in common that caught my attention: they would all grow as an individual. I loved that idea and decided to make my life a story worth telling ever since.

As I mentioned before, I’m passionate about self-improvement. Throughout my elementary, junior, and high school years, I had to face many challenges, such as, not being as shy and ignoring mean comments from most people. My main goal was to excel on my classes and to participate on things I wouldn’t normally do. I ended up in theater, poetry and recitation, visual arts, and volunteering in non-profitable events and organizations. My hard work led to achievements such as: belonging to the National Honor Society, being one of six “Orgullos Ceibeños” of my hometown, be given the Academic Excellence recognition by the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, and being my class’ Salutatorian. Thanks to this, I can say that I’m now a more confident, organized, skilled, and open-minded individual.

Today, I’m part of the Natural Sciences Department of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. My main goal is to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree on General Biology with a minor on Microbiology. I also aspire to obtain an M.D.-Ph.D. on Dermatology in the future. Doing this will grant me the opportunity to acquire more knowledge and new skills. All in all, I want to dedicate my life to helping others, whether that is medically or by providing some inspiration.

I appreciate your interest in wanting to know me, therefore, I invite you to enter my Online Portfolio and my social networks. There you would be able to contact me and verify my current projects.

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    • University of Puerto Rico at Humacao