Dmitriy Pustovalov

VP of Business Development in Kyiv city, Ukraine

Welcome to my page.

I'm tech entrepreneur and avid traveller. Music and travel is my passion.

I'm a VP of Business Development at Coppertino Inc. We are a music tech company building the VOX Player - a popular all in one music player that provides a premium quality playback on iPhone and Mac.

I'm also involved in adventure travel company called ONE LIFE as a avid traveller and Business Developer.

Prior to that I was a Managing Director atfoodpanda.kzin Almaty, Kazakhstan (part of thefoodpanda- world’s largest online food ordering platform launched byRocket Internet).

In 2013-2014 I was a Founder of carsharing startup called MyCityCar.

I was formerly a Key Account Manager at SuperDeal (Ukrainian leader in local commerce/daily deals). Prior to that, I worked in Microsoft and AIESEC (the largest student NGO in the world).

I have a Master degree from in International Business and Economics from the State University of New YorkandCorvinus University of Budapest; as well as Master degree in IT technologies from theState University of Telecommunications.


Dmitriy Pustovalov

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