Doc Kane

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Doc Kane is a communicator, researcher, ops guy and reverse-engineer
on a constant quest for great ideas, great people, great food & great music.

He is fascinated with closing the gap between what others think is impossible,
and what can be accomplished, and loves to help motivate others
rally behind a clear goal. He loves Asia, and is frequently seen sporting pocket chopsticks.

Aside from his passion for business, Doc enjoys being recognized
as a nice guy - something often lost in today's hustle'n'bustle of life.

Doc has had a lot of jobs since starting work at age 12 -
ask him about a few of them the next time you see him - they're good ice-breakers.

Some cool ones have been:

Planting and pruning vines in a vineyard.

Making M&Ms for Mars, Incorporated.

Writing a book about the music business.

Selling forklift trucks for Yale.

Working as a pastry chef at Solera in Minneapolis.

Researching and appearing on-screen for a Spanish documentary about Walt Disney.

...and handling all of the archival research for The History Channel's "Vietnam in HD."

Doc is also a musician with over a decade of experience in the music business, and a passion for supporting organizations like Chicago's Rock for Kids, which provides musical instruments for the youth of Chicago.

Doc's writing firm, Roscommon, was featured on Chicago's "Beyond the Pedway."

★ Should we talk? Please call: 206.745.2817 ★

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