Gregory Garvin

Social Media Manager, Consultant, and Designer in New York

Marketing & Business Development Manager with experience in fashion, consumer home goods, sports marketing, travel and small business marketing. Developing product has taught me the practical side of concept to creation.

I am experienced speaking with national and international press; developing email marketing and social media campaigns; blogging and working with bloggers/new media; and creating white hat SEO strategies. I enjoy helping businesses reach their goals through a well thought out marketing strategy.

I am excited by technology, fashion, politics and health issues. I can usually be found on one of many social media sites where I discuss what excites me. In my spare time, I run two communities on Google+ 1) Healthy Living Through Food 2) Social Media Marketing. Pinterest is where I create an interesting world, Twitter is where I talk politics, and Google+ is where I compartmentalize my world into one place. I have technical writing experience, but really would like to write another book.

Do It Dude and joy(CE) are my brands. Connect with me at any of the following social media sites to get a better understanding of the social web, marketing and fashion.

  • Work
    • President, Do It Dude, Inc.