Domenic Weber


I have never failed. In a world where failure is the new cool thing to do because it proves you aren't afraid to try and "you must fail over and over again to succeed," I'm sticking with I have never failed.

I have never failed because I have never quit; you can only fail if you give up. Regardless of the task at hand I get it done. People tell me I have the ability to pull in multiple resources and elucidate chaos... the connector of dots.

I have never failed because of my mindset. People often call me a problem solver; I disagree. If you are focusing on the problem you'll never find the solution. I'm a solution finder and if you don't think those two things are different then you don't get it and we probably shouldn't work together.

I have never failed because I'm a leader and leaders always take responsibility for their actions. When you accept that your entire existance is the result of your actions you are empowered to change it. Nothing in my life is the result of anyone but me. I've leared this is what it truly means to be a leader; leaders don't choose to lead, they are chosen by those whom they lead.

My skills are perfect for the new economy.

I'm now developing technology for this Brave New World. As the industrial age dimishes and the information age rises, I'm focused on helping people deal with the one thing they haven't learned to control, themselves. I'm doing this by applying the relatively new psychiatric practice (50 years old) known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to the most modern tech we use on a day to day basis.

The result: people everywhere can design the life they want, and when they share that life they will in turn empower even more. This is the elevation of our society into a truly new level of human existance that is befitting of our new technilogical age.

You could say I've been a serial entrepeneur for about 10 years. After graduating with a M. Ed from U of O I wanted to be a teacher, but 9/11 burst that bubble as teachers were being let go left and right when I entered the workforce. I took up real estate investing for several years, that was fun...After that, I ran an engineering firm called Princeton Cryotech...mistakes are an opportunity to learn and I learned a lot. What I did garner were an early set of skills in some field called Internet Marketing, this lead me to start my own Internet Marketing firm called Sunexos that eventually turned into me being

  • Work
    • Cognitive Behavioral Program Developer
  • Education
    • M. Ed. University of Oregon