Dominika Marsova

Brno, Czech Republic

Dominika Marsova was born on August 23rd 1990 in the Czech Republic and is half Czech and half Hungarian. She speaks Czech and English fluently (in English she even acquired the CAE certificate by the University of Cambridge in 2008) and also knows a little bit of German.

Dominika is currently a college graduate with a master's degree in media.

Apart from her studies, she focuses most of her time on updating the largest fansite about her favourite band - Simple Plan ( that she's been running on her own since 2005 in a form of a blog and since 2007 in a form of a proper website - both in Czech and in English. Since its inception, the website has gained thousands of visitors from all over the world - most notably the band itself.

In the past she's conducted many interviews with the members of Simple Plan (all can be viewed on her YouTube channel), and a couple other interviews with their opening acts, music video directors, graphic designers etc (all can be read here).

And her biggest dream? To work for a record label, an artist management or promoter/event managing company one day.

  • Education
    • BA in Media and Gender studies at Masaryk University
    • MA in Media studies at Masaryk University