Dominik Hadl

Prague, Czech Republic

Who am I?

My name is Dominik and I'm a technology and music enthusiast. I come from a very musical family = even my grand-grand-grand-granddad was a musician. But from a little age I've been attracted to technology and especially gaming.

I am now a game designer and an iOS programmer. I am fluent in Objective-C and C, but also in multiple scripting languages (Shell, Python etc.). I've been also doing some servers and backends, CI servers, private apache-based wikipedias and other stuff.

What work do I do?

Mobile App/Game Development
Music and Sound Production
'Nuff said. I can do everything you could possibly ask of me :D

What are my plans?

I would like to attend a technology college abroad in the future. If you want to be specific, then it's the MIT. High goal you think? Yes it is, but I am sure that I can reach it.

  • Work
    • Creative Director & CTO
  • Education
    • Masarykovo klasické gymnázium
    • Pražská konzervatoř