Dominique Bautista

Community Builder, Storyteller, and Educator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Hi, I'm Dominique!

I'm committed to findings avenues to support how we talk and process issues about diversity and difference, whether it's through our media, our education, or in our communities. I'd like to continue working to bridge diversity and inclusion in community-based and community- accessible educational opportunities that bring peripheral social issues to focus.

I love listening to stories, and being a conduit that reframes and rethinks traditional narratives. Some of my storytelling work with UBC's Asian Canadian & Asian Migration Studies program can be found here.

As a community builder and a humanities educator, my own education has spanned inside and outside the classroom- the best of both worlds! I'm an advocate for more accessible, personal, practical learning moments that meaningfully enable theory and practice to collide.

Curious to hear more? Let's connect! (I'll tell you about my love for Philippine mangoes, too!) Find me on Twitter!