Dominique Bautista

Community Builder, Storyteller, and Educator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Hi, I'm Dominique-

I'm a second- generation daughter and settler on unceded Coast Salish territory, the first in my family to be born outside of Asia with roots across the transpacific. When I'm not thinking about thinking and (un)learning, you can find me geeking out over grocery shopping goods.

Professionally, I am a high school Humanities teacher for the Richmond School District #38 in BC, Canada. I am committed to creating a sustained educational culture that centres equity and anti- racism, curiosity and care, and invites community voices to share their experiences in hopes of amplifying a more honest understanding of our world's reality.

I'm committed to findings avenues to support how we approach and do the challenging work of addressing necessary issues about inequity, access, and systems of power, whether it's embedded through our media, our education, or in our government and community policies. Our world shows up in our schools. In my practice I hope to continue to find ways to advocate for and bring peripheral voices to focus.

Learning never stops. I serve as a Voting Member on my school district's Social Justice Committee and am a member of the Anti- Opression Educators Collective. I am always seeking opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to conspire about how to better undo the work of racist school systems in the K-12 environment through pro-d workshops or curriculum writing.

Outside of the classroom, my time is spent supporting youth and community advocacy through non-profit work and storytelling. I have the pleasure of serving as a Board of Director for the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC and was formerly on Chinatown Today's team. I'm also a fan of the work of this network and this organization. I love listening to stories and discovering new ones- I think this is how we learn best, especially those that are conduits that reframe and rethink traditional narratives. Visit my storytelling collection.

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