Dominique Thom

Balfour Mpumalanga

Dominique Thom is a husband of an 11 year Marriage into a Blended Family. He and his wife have 2 children. If there is just one thing he has learned from his Marriage, then it is conflict resolution and Interpersonal Relations. Thinking Outside the Box is a MUST.

In his Business Life, Dominique is a Security Adviser and Communications Specialist.

His Unique Security System allows subscribers to instantly alert 10 people, Including Security Response Companies, when help is needed, with the push of a single button on their Mobile Device.

His Out Of The Box, No Nonsense Approuch to Communications Transforms how businesses communicate with their Clients and Customers, turning them into Raving Fans.

Dominique is also very Active within the fitness Industry, with his eyes SET on Actively Competing in 2016.

Business Dealings with Dominique are characterised by Dedication and Integrity.