Donald Whised

Fidget Toys for Autism in the United States

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The reason you are sitting here right now is you either have ADD with or without hyperactivity, Aspergers, or Autism. Maybe you come here to buy gifts for your loved ones who also suffer from the anxiety, nervous overload, and well, general fidgetiness associated with an Autism-spectrum disorder. Good for you!

We intend for this to be a one-stop-shop for all your fidget needs. That’s exactly what my family intended when we came up with this site and these products. You see, to us, it is much more than just selling things. To us, the personal mission has been to satiate our son’s special and peculiar fascinations. It presented special challenges that went woefully unrecognized in the toy stores and toy aisles for too long.

As a way to save our sanity, and rescue his nerves, we found these toys. As you know, it has not been easy and never seems like it will be easy.