Donald Jenkins

Atlanta, GA

Welcome to my page! My name is Donald E. Jenkins and I'm the President and Co-Founder of the Purpose Development Institute in Atlanta, GA. I live by the philosophy that the only debt that our Creator can't pay for us is to use our life to make an impact between the time we were born and the time we die.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, ideas and creativity flows through my veins. My passion to use my gifts and talents to make an impact can be seen in many of my endeavors which included being the President of Harvesting Ideas, Inc.; a distributor of my patented Pop-Out Plate invention. My dream of taking my ideas into homes across America was realized when my invention was sold in major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Garden Ridge and Kohl’s department stores. It was also featured in Gospel Today magazine as one of four inventions in their “Turning Dreams into Dollars” article.

During my invention run, I was also the Founder and Pastor of a church in Chattanooga, TN. This endeavor allowed me to connect with some very dear people who gave me an opportunity to continue to explore my passion for discovering new things. It was there I discovered my passion for purpose that led me down a path that was completely outside the traditional approach to discovering purpose.

This unique approach to discovering purpose led to the Founding of the Purpose Development Institute. Since that time, I've spent 23 years and well over 10,000 hours discovering how purpose affect the way people exist and perform in their roles. My devotion to master the art of purpose allows me to humbly wear the Master Purpose Development Coaching title. It allows me to help my clients discover purpose is a non-traditional and disruptive way that affect them in a dramatic fashion.

Purpose to me is more than gifts and talents. It's a humanitarian effort to fortify the human soul to withstand the attacks against purpose from a purposeless society. In order to maximize the impact of purpose around the world, I currently train others with my Certified Purpose Development Coaching program.

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