Donat retfalvi dr.

Architect, Designer, and Associate professor in Pécs, Magyarország

Donat retfalvi dr.

Architect, Designer, and Associate professor in Pécs, Magyarország

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I am the Founder of re42 - architecture and interior design studio. re42 is a small office that mainly dealing with architecture planning and interior design. There does not exist a halfway solution, there is no equivocation! Our motto is:

The Amount of Thoughts per one square meter determines the quality of Architecture.

Many years of experience and continuous presence in university-level architectural education is a guarantee our up to date expertise.

Since 1999 I am working at University of Pécs Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies in Hungary. I am working as an associate professor, and nowadays I am the Head of the Department of Visual Studies.

Besides architecture I am dealing with digital graphic design and 3D visualization. I like to surf the net and discover new technologies, applications, trends. Therefore I am the creator of some blogs, that are related to my interests.

The Tools4me blog is about to help for everyone to find and study usefull online applications, that can help them use better the potential power of Internet.

Since 2011 every summer we are organizing a heritage protection studentcamp to Transylvania, Énlaka. For this workshops and events I was created the SpacePoetry website.

There are some architectural blogs I have created to collect important informations for my students and for everyone, who is interested in Architecture a little bit. The Who you Ar(e)chitects? is a visual bookmark place, there you can find architects who counts for me.

When I was preparing of my habilitation procedure, I was researching about temporary architecture. This work was called Temporary City. DPI is about my Digital Presentation course at the University.

Thats it, if you like, than contact me!