Don Cheney

The vast majority of my early years were devoted to sports. I grew up playing hockey, baseball, and lacrosse, all of which I still love today. Sports molded me into who I am and they will forever be entrenched in my life, even if it’s only beer-league hockey or slow-pitch softball. My love for sports took me to the the University of Oregon‘s Warsaw Sports Marketing Program where I was named the 2013 David Warsaw Outstanding Undergraduate in Sports Business.

I want to take that passion for sports, add a love for all things tied to stories, strategy, and communications, smoosh them together, and create the most interesting career I can imagine. We’ll have to wait and see how, exactly, that takes place; it may be as a writer, strategist, marketer, or something I haven’t even considered. Whatever it is, I expect it will be an interesting journey and I'm eager for it to begin.

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