Don Frederiksen

Small Business Owner in Poznań, Polska

Don Frederiksen is the founder and co-founder of several disruptive online and offline businesses. Ranging from selling bags of cherries at the age of 7 to getting company employees vaccinated on a massive scale on-site to making 400 international artists available on the Swedish online market. Most recently setting up Going Mobile focused on getting all old and new ways of generating exceptional results for progressiv clients.

He is extremely attentive to any information gaps and quickly fill them, wherever they may arise. Be it new technology, psychology or economics. He is always on the lookout for businesses where he can combine his experience and skills in a developing and challenging role to further results.

Connecting with him in Danish, Swedish, English, German and soon Polish are his preferred languages.

Some of his specialties: business plans, prospectus, major agreements, press releases and annual reports. He has made some tough decisions; ranging from restructuring, liquidating companies, firing good and bad employees, taking legal actions, founding, investing and selling off companies.

Great inspirations: Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, August Strindberg, Alva Vanderbilt, Sal Khan, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Wozniak, Seth Godin, Stephen Fry, Malcom Gladwell, Chet Holmes, Fred Wilson, Leif GW Person, Jason Calacanis, Hanna Hellquist, friends and family (especially his two creative daugthers; Elsa and Zoe).

  • Work
    • Going Mobile
  • Education
    • Linköping University
    • University of Copenhagen