Don Gardner

Don Gardner is a powerful communicator. He communicates through words and music about the love of God for all people.

The founder of Life Connection ministries, Don has preached in many churches across America and the world. Don was a chaplain for the Detroit Pistons and worked with NBA greats like Lindsay Hunter and Grant Hill. He's preached at the Potters House, Perfecting Church, for Full Gospel Baptist Convention, and many others.

Don is also the Founder of Life Connection Management which is an artist development co., booking and management agency. Don has co-authored 2 books, produced music projects, and is currently working with artists like Bj Putnam, Devin Dean, Michael and Regina Winans, Rachel Rodriguez, Jacoby Gray and more...

Don is going to continue to speak, write and play music, and love his family. He is married with 2 daughters and lives in Dallas, Texas.