Dongjing He

Undergraduate now. Doing graduate project now. :)

I was born in Shanghai, China on 1988.11.7. Though I am a pure Scorpion, my character isn't like it and appears otherwise.

My favorites are American & British TV Series, Blogging, DLSR (Digital Single Lens Camera) Photoing, Sketching, Calligraphy, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, etc. To be explored..

Studied in the best high school in Shanghai, HSEFZ.

Admitted into SJTU (top 5 in China), Info Sec Dept. (highest entrance score) beforehand college entrance exam.

Have been to Gansu Province, the most indigent and barren place in China, to do voluntary teaching.

Have been to Lund University, Sweden (top 80 worldwide) as an exchange student for one semester and explored the beautiful sceneries of 10 European countries.

Published one IEEE conference paper. Expecting more now.

Life is colorful, join me to enjoy it.

Last Updated 2011.5.2