Thomasen Day

This question is asked over and over and over again by many, many people. The answer is: aYes, it's possible!a

And, better yet, you yourself can do it.

Often people donat trust me when I say , full-time day merchants that they'll become, but itas true.

Since I have donat need to get right into a deep discussion about ahow much money is a good living for you,a letas just think that you'd be quite happy if you were making $150,000 annually, and letas say that you're making this money along with your trading. Does that sound reasonable?

Letas break it down: $150,000 per year will be $12,500 per month, or, if you prefer, $3,000 per week. This really is let's assume that you're taking a couple of weeks of vacation each year.

IMPORTANT: Donat set everyday objectives once you deal. So that you can make money, two conditions need to be met:

- YOU have to prepare yourself to trade.
- THE MARKETPLACE must be prepared to be exchanged.

There will be days when you're not at your absolute best (sickness, mental pressure, almost no time as a result of an emergency, etc.), and there will be days when the market isn't prepared to be exchanged (e.g. holidays, including the days before and after holidays, days before a significant media launch, just like the Federal statement regarding rates of interest or the unemployment record, etc.).

And thatas why you shouldnat set daily goals in your trading: those goals may drive you to deal on days when both of the mentioned before conditions a' you AND industry being ready a' aren't met.

Itas vital that you start small and set a weekly goal for just ONE deal, or 100 shares. Privacy contains more about why to mull over it. This purpose should really be LOW, very low, in order that it's simple for you to reach it. Think about high-jumping: you train with a club thatas only three feet high. Itas simple to jump. Then, once feet are managed three by you, you raise the bar still another inch. And yet another. And another.

As an example, in the very first one month of your trading, your weekly target might be set by you at $100 per contract. This might appear too simple for you, but remember that ninety days of traders lose profit the areas. When you can make $100 per contract consistently, you can begin araising the bar.a Decide to try $150 per contract per week. Enhance the