Dee McCullay

Director and paranormal investigator. Producer of Thunder Bay Paranormal Society, camera op, and editor. Musician and sound effects creation. EVP recordist and documentary film maker. Has worked on Thunder Bay Paranormal Society Episodes 1-3, Dead Romantic music video, and many tourism videos including Founder's Museum's Halloween Town 2011, and Nipigon A Natural Edge web series. Has had small roles in indie films such as Quiver and 10-57. A master at guerilla shooting, and technical shooting, has received international recognition for his works, and can be found in many online news reports, and link coverage. Was featured on with Horror writer Cindy Hutchins, and featured by Alejandro Dominguez of Dead Explorer for Day 43 of 365 Days of Paranormal. A bit more on the entertainment edge, but still true to finding real spiritual activity, my current project name: Dark History - exploring the paranormal activity in locations known to have morbid and tragic histories. Raw and gritty para-vestigative research. Through the use of experimental and unconventional methods, our team of investigators deliver results and validate claims, and in most cases find answers and a host of other spirits previously unknown to inhabit each location. Dark History uploads to You Tube June 25 2012. Watch it. Dark History has had some great reviews and has made it onto Day 49 of Dead Explorer's 365 Days of Paranormal Channels. You can also find it on under Video's - Evidence.


Episode 2 - DISEASED


Episode 4 - MURDER HOUSE


Episode 6 - SILVER ISLET

Video clip - MULTIPLE

Dark History's Dee has branded the SRC Session and is quickly becoming well known for his real time spirit communication, paired together renowned Psychic Medium Chelsea Damali of TV's Haunted Encounters: Face to Face the team is unstoppably on the rise.

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