Donna Mikkin

New York

There is no substitute for real life experience. And Donna Mikkin’s journey is filled with stories that that keep audiences engaged, while instilling important lessons about taking ordinary experiences and making them extraordinary.

More importantly Donna takes these life lessons and applies them to business, showing organizations how to improve customer service and increase bottom line results simply by fostering an environment that encourages everyone to create Forever Moments.

What are Forever Moments?

Forever Moments are the specific memories in our lives, that years after they occur, still remain vivid and fresh in our minds.

They can be good or bad and we never know when they are going to happen. But they are more often than not experiential. So even when we are not creating our own, we have an opportunity to become a part of someone else’s Moment.

For organizations the idea of becoming a part of Forever Moment – in a good way – can mean a lifetime of brand loyalty from a customer.

From Working-Class Mom to Real Estate Superstar

As a working class mom from New York, Donna’s story is one most American families can relate to. From her early struggles to make ends meet with her husband Ed, while raising small children, to becoming a small time “cookie-baron” with her homebased business to becoming a realtor and rising to the top 2% in New York State, her story typifies the American dream of hard work as the road to success.

Donna’s relentless goal setting and visioning made her success possible. And she weaves this into her narrative to inspire entrepreneurs, small business owners and realtors.

And then lightning strikes..

Make no mistake. Donna and Ed worked hard and overcame a lot adversity to achieve everything they have in life. But sometimes things occur that no one can predict. In this case, it was a lottery win.

Winning the New York State Lottery, changed their lives, but it didn’t change them.

Donna’s biggest challenge after the win was accepting that she was worthy of the win. It took a long time and she has learned that it is the fear of success and not believing in your own worth that is holding many people back from not only achieving their dreams but also enjoying good things when they happen.

Let Donna help your audiences realize (and enjoy) their dreams, while showing the

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